Juan Pablo Angel will have more impact than Becks

It’s just too bad that the NY Red Bulls can’t just drink Red Bull and finish on top of the MLS every year. You still need good players. Either that or like Alecko Eskandrian who swigged Red Bull on the sideline, decided he did not care for the taste, and spat it out. It was supposed to be a commercial for Red Bull but it ended up getting a product placement. Things are looking up this season though and Juan Pablo Angel is the big news.
The country’s future in soccer lies in its burgeoning immigrant base, many from Central and Latin America, especially in metros with large populations from countries in these regions. It makes much more sense to bring soccer stars from countries of origin in these areas than to try and bring a player like David Beckham. Playing for the Premiership made Juan Pablo Angel attractive and he was still a vital part of Aston Villa, although his playing minutes diminished with John Carew’s arrival on the Villa squad.
His attractive index is even higher because Angel is Colombian. There is a huge base of Colombian fans in the NY metro who will come to see Red Bulls games. The Red Bulls have long been MLS doormats and have had sparse viewership but things are looking up of late. They have Claudio Reyna and now Angel. Their 2007 start has been promising and they have looked good in the opening games.
I don’t necessarily see Reyna as a good player but that maybe because he has always played in the exceedingly physical European leagues. He has never been accused of being quick or prolific, being further slowed down by frequent injuries. At this stage the slower pace of the MLS with its less intense schedule might bring out the best in Reyna, his vision and ability to create chances for others. That and being reunited with his mentor, Bruce Arena. Reyna might prove to be the ideal foil for Angel up front.

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