Sir Alex: Referee killed the Red Devils

What any impartial observer seeing the Roma vs Man Utd match would have seen was that the team playing better soccer, won the game. However Sir Alex, as great coach as he is, attributes his loss to biased refereeing. And he specially targets referee Herbert Fandel. Ferguson had claimed his Manchester United side were “playing against 12 men”.
Not to be outdone Rio Ferdinand, gives his reasons why all these referees are obviously French.
“Some of the referee’s decisions were a joke and, for some reason, in Europe, it’s apparent to me that the referees have an ignorance problem,” said Ferdinand. “You can’t speak to them. You try to talk to them in the best manner possible, but they turn their nose up at you. It’s like they think they are from the upper crust and are not allowed to speak to the players.
Rio, maybe you should have saved your communication for Scholes. He was a disaster waiting to happen.
Seriously, it has come to this. Man Utd did not play its best soccer, lost a player to cheap fouls, and lost the game. Suck it up. Stop blaming the fans, the police, and the referees. Stop playing the victim.

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4 comments on “Sir Alex: Referee killed the Red Devils
  1. I agree that United didnt play their best football and that Scholes got what he asked for and that we lost the match fair and square. However, when it comes to playing the victim, they are not entirely without justification. The ballboys waited for ages in giving the ball to United, while Roma got it straight away for their throws and goalkicks.One of the Roma players patted the referee back and applauded the sending off. Is that fairplay on behalf of Roma? Then about the crowdproblems. After what I have heard and seen on telly, the Romafans werent disiplined by the Police at all and dont come here saying they are a bunch of flowersmelling priests who didnt throw anything at the United supporters. And another thing, how come there are very few, if any, reports of crowd-disturbance at OT? Why is it that at both of our last trips abroad there has been problems but when we are at home we never have that problem? If the United fans were as bad as many says, there should have been riots at OT every week.

  2. “Man Utd did not play its best soccer” – ITS CALLED FOOTBALL
    Roy seems to reckon trouble follows UTD everywhere…question is whether he recalls Anders Frisk being assualted by Roma fans in the same stadium not too long ago. Doubt he will.

  3. i completely disagree with u guys, there were so many freekicks just given away… like when rooney was punished right in front of the ref for the roma player diving in front of him.
    the ref sold the game to roma, gave them easier shot and the police just ruined it.
    lets what will happen when roma comes to manchester, id beat the fuck out of any traveler in their shoes

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