Arsenal should go all out for Huntelaar

Arsenal should be gunning for this man
Arsenal needs a goal poacher, a striker to consummate all that fantastic approach work of Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, and Adebayor, as they play ping pong with the ball. Enter Klaas Jan Huntelaar. His boyhood idol is Dennis Bergkamp, a man whose testimonial match he played in and scored a goal. Huntelaar is lethal having scored 37 goals in 48 appearances for Ajax. He has proven invaluable to Van Basten’s team having pushed out RVN from the first squad.
Thierry Henry is being courted by Barca and they are offering Arsenal 15m. The undervaluation is because of Henry’s frequent injuries, bouts of moodiness, and his dissatisfaction with Wenger and the Arsenal management. Maybe its time for Arsenal’s top scorer to go to Barca and end his yearly flirtation with La Liga for good. A nice sum of 20m quid for Henry should free up some good cash for Arsenal to make a worthwhile splash for Huntelaar. It is not going to be easy, with Huntlelaar’s talent, he has all the big clubs baying for him. Ajax has rejected Newcastle and fended of the big four Premiership clubs, as well as Juventus and Valencia.
Maybe Dennis the Menace can drop a few encouraging words of his golden years in Highbury which might help in making up Huntelaar’s mind. A personal touch could make a difference.
Huntelaar and Van Persie up front. Just like Overmars and Bergkamp. That would be muy incredible.
OK. Time for the fantasy to end. Henry is not going anywhere and even with his injuries, he managed to score ten goals in 17 appearances. Patrick Vieira might think otherwise. Samuel Eto’o is too expensive for Man Utd. Barca is asking 40m quid for the striker and Man Utd have balked at that sum. So Eto’o and Henry stay put.

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11 comments on “Arsenal should go all out for Huntelaar
  1. You are smoking some real bad Ganja if you think that Hutelaar can replace Henry? Even at Hutelaar age Henry was by far a better player. Players like Henry only comes by once every 20 years.

  2. Arsenal need another striker even if Henry stays (which he is of course).
    The possibility of injuries and loss of form to the existing strikers dictate that Arsene needs to splash out on another proven goalscorer anyway.

  3. AA,
    Agree there. The striking corp of Arsenal was depleted very quickly through injuries and we really need a Huntelaar like striker. Babel and Farfan have re-signed with their clubs, so they are out. Maybe we can bring in a Trezeguet or Ibrahamovic?

  4. I agree with that fact that arsenal should go in for Huntelaar.The ajax lad is good in the air,feet etc.he’s 24yrs old and will fit into Arsene’s youngster profile.With Fabianski lets get Ribery,Huntelaar and probably Barton.Hleb is a waste of 10 million quid

  5. Yes..,Barton, so he could find a new way of torturing people. Only psychos would contemplate the signing of Barton.
    And Huntelaar won’t fit at Arsenal. He has possibly the worst off the ball movement. Good finisher but lazy as hell.

  6. Huntelaar is a good choice,
    but Trezeguet or Ibrahamovic wont fit into arsenal style of free flowing football!

  7. As an Ajax-fan, I suggests Huntelaars stays for at least one more season. With the inevitable departure of Sneijder we’re losing a key player already …

  8. Dario
    That’s why we have Cesc, Gilberto, Rosicky, to do all the heavy lifting…. all Huntelaar has to do is finish.

  9. to me i think the only and only solution concerning about players is samuel eto’o. to creat for van persie. to day henry is no longer a threat to team be it in championship

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