Dimitar Berbatov: The best transfer this Premiership

White Hart Lane must be rejoicing at the news that Dimitar Berbatov will stay on for another season even though he is one of the most sought after players with Man Utd and Chelsea breathing down his neck.
There have been some quality transfers this season but none of the Chelsea ones count. These five players have contributed significantly to their team’s fortunes.
Andy Johnson: His 11 goals has propelled Everton to 5th place and a spot in the UEFA Cup. Johnson’s speed and lethal poaching ability have proved second to none.
Dirk Kuyt: 12 goals in 26 matches. Kuyt has top scored Liverpool and helped them recover to 3rd place in the Premiership after a very shaky start to their season. He fittingly scored the final penalty kick that put Liverpool in the CL finals against Milan.
Benni McCarthy; His 16 strikes have put Blackburn in a respectable 10th position. Another six goals in the FA helped them to the semi-finals of the FA Cup. His most important goal was the one that sent Arsenal packing from the FA Cup. He has admirably filled in for injured striker Shabani Nonda. McCarthy’s transfer fee of £ 2.5 million is the best pound for goal deal this season and his attacking skills have bolstered a team known primarily for their defense.
Carlos Tevez: He came to the Hammers in dubious circumstances and took 20 games to score his first goal but luckily for West Ham, he has come to life at the right time and is leading the charge to get them out of relegation. His six goals might be the difference and would make the stiffest penalty in English soccer history easier to swallow.
Dimitar Berbatov: As important as the above mentioned players have been to their team, Berbatov is simply the the best transfer this season. Berbatov has spread his scoring wealth around in both domestic and international matches. His 11 goals helped Tottenham to the 6th position and back to challenge for the UEFA cup next season. In the FA Cup he scored 3 goals in 4 matches and helped them get to Round 6 of the FA Cup. His 7 goals in 8 matches in the UEFA Cup got Tottenham past Braga and to the quarterfinals before losing to Sevilla. But the story does not end with his scoring prowess. It is in the quality of the goals that he scores and the multifaceted dimensions that he brings to his game even when he does not score. This was amply seen in the game against Bolton in which he did everything else except score. The result, Bolton was decimated, 4-1.
Dimitar Berbatov eye candy below

enterthepitbull promises a fresh compilation on Berbatov in a few days.

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8 comments on “Dimitar Berbatov: The best transfer this Premiership
  1. Kuyt has been the best transfer for ‘Pool this season and many others before. He is a workhorse and he never gives up. Plus, he is a fan favourite.
    RW, Berbatov does look like Andy Garcia!!

  2. Has Kuyt added anything to the Liverpool team? Hardly. Benny McCarthy, now thats a different story. 22 goals in his first Premiership season, 16 in the league…now that deserves plaudits

  3. Have you forgot about Michael Carrick?
    Stepped into the shoes of Roy keane and made them his own. Taking ManU to another level this season.
    Ranking Johnson and Kuyt above him is ridiculous.
    I agree however, Berbatov was the best buy of the season.

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