French elections: Sego vs Sarko. Will Thuram’s words carry weight?

Lilian Thuram’s recollection of a conversation with Nikolas Sarkozy could sway a number of voters who believe that France’s immigrant populations will be marginalized if Sarkozy becomes the president in today’s elections. Thuram recalls, Sarkozy while touring the riot stricken suburbs of Paris, “He told me, you know, it’s the blacks and the Arabs who create the problems in the suburbs. ”
Sarkozy has denied saying this. But anyone who is an ardent supporter of France’s multi-hued soccer team knows that it is its immigrant players that have been the source of their considerable success. And by extension, they support the assimilation of its immigrants into French society.
Thuram added, “”[Mr Sarkozy] has a racial vision of issues and people.”
Thuram’s words should carry weight with this electorate. He is a supporter of Segolene Royal, the socialist candidate.

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