Kasey Keller should finish his career in MLS

The news is that Kasey Keller has been cut by relegation bound Borussia M’gladbach. His offer of playing for the second division was turned down by the club. At 37, Keller has too many annual rings for the rigorous European leagues where he might at most be a substitute goalie. My advice is that he should follow the footsteps of his US team mate Claudio Reyna and give the MLS a try. I am sure DC United who are bleeding goals would love to have him.

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5 comments on “Kasey Keller should finish his career in MLS
  1. Buddy, I think you’ve missed the boat on this one. Keller has already come out and said he wants to finish his career in the MLS, and has been in talks with some clubs over the past few years, most seriously with RSL. And, Keller could still play in several of the European Leagues. It’s obvious you are not and never were a goalkeeper, so leave those calls to people that have been there and done it. This is the first time I’ve left a comment on your blog, and I’m sorry that I’ve been so critical, but this post is just riddled with errant reporting and poor analysis.

  2. Justin,
    No offense taken. But my understanding is that RSL was close to a deal with Keller in 2004 but at this point they are not in the market for a goalie as they have two good ones, both a lot younger than Keller. Also, if European leagues were genuinely interested in getting Keller, he or they would have started negotiations long before ‘Gladbach’s relegation.

  3. Shourin,
    They were close to a deal with him in ’04, and just because they didn’t get him then doesn’t mean they are totally out. He has said he wants to play as close to home as possible (he is a NW native) so that would make RSL the closest. Also, RSL does not have 2 good goalkeepers. Nick Rimando has played behind a good team for the past few years, that does not make him good. I have written three posts about his inabilities, and have been proven correct by his performances consistently. Goalkeeper #2 Chris Seitz – who is Chris Seitz? What has he proven? Nothing except that he is a rookie that makes rookie mistakes (vs. RBNY) and that he is a bit behind the pace of the shots and the game. Last thing about RSL – new coach. Kreis has played with good and not so good goalkeepers, so he knows the difference. If he can’t get someone he likes this year, then I’m betting he will next year, becuase Rimando and Seitz are simply not up to par. Now European clubs. Is Keller going to be in a top league on a top team? No. That doesn’t mean he isn’t still 2nd Division material for a good FA and possibly 1st division for a lower standard FA. The man can still play, and play well. Last point, DC? They were bleeding goals at the beginning of the season, I agree, but not in the past few performances. And, your comment about RSL not wanting Keller because ‘they have two good ones, both a lot younger than Keller’ basically negates your argument that DC should get Keller. Why? DC has Troy Perkins, 2006 MLS Goalkeeper of the year and he is only 25. Behind him on the bench is 25 year old Jay Nolly, who is better than either two at RSL, and has already gotten looks from abroad. And, just for emphasis, the two at RSL are not good, the two at DC are.
    Good conversation my friend, I think you owe me a visit and a comment after all the time I’ve put into this one.

  4. I agree with RSL being the better fit for Keller rather than DC and of course there is no denying that he still is a top shelf goalie. All said and done from what I have read Keller is a maverick when it comes to negotiating. He may have burned RSL with his departure to the Bundesliga so there maybe a certain wariness when dealing with him again.
    Visited your blog. I like it. Thierry Henry to Barca. Being an Arsenal fan, I hope not.

  5. You are definitely right about him being difficult with RSL. I would love to see him here, and maybe with his current lack of work his negotiating will become a bit softer. About Henry, me too. The man is one of the faces of the EPL and Arsenal.

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