Mido’s fall from grace

Remember the triumphant return of Mido to White Hart Lane in the beginning of the season as Martin Jol and fans hailed his permanent transfer from Roma. They remembered the Mido from the 2005-2006 season when on loan from Roma, he scored 11 goals and he and Robbie Keane became a inseparable tandem in attack, a potent 1-2, and booked the Spurs their UEFA Cup place. Mido himself was ecstatic to be back in a Spurs kit.
Well, the new Mido is now bitter about his move to the Spurs. In one of those inexplicable interludes in life, Dimitar Berbatov, the man who has scored 12 goals this season, led the Spurs back to the UEFA Cup, and established place his place in the first squad, has firmly supplanted himself as fan favourite. Berbatov’s quality performances and Mido’s injuries meant limited minutes on the field.
Mido spurned offers from Man City and Blackburn so that he could return to White Hart. He is on a four year deal with the Spurs but he is now looking for a way out and will leave if he gets a good offer. With Mido’s slipping in the striker position behind Keane, Berbatov, and Defoe, his future looks bleak. Sometimes timing is everything.

2 comments on “Mido’s fall from grace
  1. Mido has ALWAYS done this routine at every team he’s been at. He comes in with such promise but then doesn’t live up to his potential and whines when he’s on the bench. Ask Ajax, Roma, and whatever the hell team he was at in Belgium before those two.

  2. David,
    I agree. But to be fair, Mido did put aside a number of offers to come to Tottenham because of his affection for the club and its fans. It probably really upsets him that this thing would go sour within a year.

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