Robben’s transfer paves way for Hargreaves

Arjen Robben is transferring to Bayern Munich where he will team up with fellow Dutchman Roy Makaay and help resuscitate a Bayern season that went awry with poor performances and many injuries. Robben’s transfer means that Sir Alex and Owen Hargreaves will both get their wish, to play for Man Utd. Hargreaves comes to Old Trafford for 18m quid.
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hargreaves only qualifications are that he is an industrious player with a good work ethic but little else. What he will add to Man Utd’s midfield that Michael Carrick is not already bringing is a mystery to me. Look for this transfer to go sour in the first season.
I can see the need for Dimitar Berbatov and Gareth Bale to augment Man Utd, considering Louis Saha is seeing less minutes and his future is uncertain and Gabriel Heinze after his injury appears over matched against faster and more physical strikers. Like Michael Ballack at Chelsea, Hargreaves will turn out to be more important to Bayern than to the Premiership champs.
Update: Arjen Robben’s contract is being negotiated at Chelsea and all transfer speculations to Bayern are on hold at present. Thanks, Dan.

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6 comments on “Robben’s transfer paves way for Hargreaves
  1. i disagree. think you will see michael carrick on the bench more once hargreaves starts playing for man utd. hargreaves is no roy keane or gattuso but he would have given man utd a chance against ac milan.

  2. “Arjen Robben is transferring to Bayern Munich” – do you take any note of what’s happening in the real world or just come up with this jargon to suit your story??
    read the papers, listen to the interviews, watch the news, just do something remotely useful before putting down this crap in your blog…

  3. Carrick will play alongside Hargreaves in a more expansive role. Carrick will take over from Scholes in time.

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