Stuart Pearce sacked

The litany of firings and resignations have begun. Paul Jewell at Wigan resigned even though his club escaped relegation and Stuart Pearce has been sacked. Pearce’s sacking was inevitable. His club was dogged by under-performing players and disciplinary problems. Jewell has been replaced by Chris Hutchings, his assistant coach.
Meanwhile Allardyce is still talking to the Magpies and his coaching position might crystallize soon. However, there is a good chance that Big Sam could actually end up at Man City if Shinawatra’s takeover bid is approved. The amount of cash the Thai consortium could potentially fork out for big name players could be a big draw in Allardyce’s desire to compete with the big clubs. The Magpies just don’t have the cash in hand and they are also paying huge amounts in debt servicing. Signing on big name players is going to be very tough for them.

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