Tottenham wins the Gareth Bale sweepstakes

Tottenham beat out Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man Utd for Gareth Bale, the coveted left back. £10m is the transfer fee. He joins a squad that is sorely in need of some defensive strength as Tottenham gave up 54 goals.
Scouting reports are that Bale and his deadly left foot and his recent goal scoring spree with his free kicks is inviting comparisons to Ryan Giggs. His weakness appears to be that he occasionally forgets that he is a full back, does not run back enough, and is a bit sloppy with his tackles. Not anything major that a good coach cannot fix. Martin Jol is obviously a happy camper.

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6 comments on “Tottenham wins the Gareth Bale sweepstakes
  1. is it confirmed that Spurs have signed Gareth Bale from Southampton for £10 million …

  2. It’s a load off crap, He’s been sat in Southampton for the past 3 days and has not left his house

  3. It looks as if Spurs are going to make some bad signings to me:
    BALE – A 17 year old unproven and unexperianced prodogy for £10 million is a huge rip off (Hes not that good)and he has just 1 year on his contract.
    KABOUL – £8 mill for an unexperienced under 21’s player is also a rip off, plus he has only 1 year left on his contract.
    MORGAN GAMST PEDERSON – a great crosser of the ball but his all round play is worse than malbranque or ghaly and for £10 million+ also a rip off.
    BENT – a good striker but around £10 mill for a 3rd striker who isnt as good as jermain defoe (hence the difference in amount of england caps) the only thing bent has against defoe is size and that is not good enough so that is also a rip off.
    NAKAMURA – the latest rumour is that they are set to make a £10 million bid and he is probably worth less than £5 mill based on his all round ability(not just the goals against man utd)
    FRED – Not the youngest and not the best and there is no doubt he will cost alot, could maybe keep robbie keane and defoe out the side but cant see him playing well with berba.
    However there are rumours that they could bring in some talent:
    SNEIDER – a brilliant player, left and right footed and still young and could get him for around £10 mill or maybe less, would also probably get into the first team.
    KEITA – Ivorian player of the year runner up and if he doesnt cost too much he would be a great asset he is quick strong and can finish plus according to the ivorian player of the year awards is better that Both Toure’s, both Kone’s, both kalou’s and the great Zokora, all of which are very good players.
    If Spurs want top 4 they have to buy top players not buy young players who are expexted to grow into world class players and expext them to do the job right away.
    Spurs bring in some good players but alot of them they see glimpses of good play or hear things about them and are ready to offer huge sums of money.
    Gareth bale is not worth 10 million ive wathed him play quite a few times and if lee young pyo was 17 and british we would be offering the same amount.

  4. you say you have seen him play but you obviously haven’t because then you would relise he is a fantastic talent hes not just yet worth 10 mill which is why the transfer is 6 mill plus depending on the result. again gamst pedersen vs. ghaly/ malbranque he beats them both just check the record he has put away 25 goals the last two seasons more then malbranque and ghaly put together. however 8 mill for kaboul does seem a bit extreme as he is unknown and only has one year left in his contract at auxerre, but as for keita that would be a remarkable signing although where would you put him when he plays right wing???

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