2 comments on “Video: AC Milan 3 Man Utd 0 (CL semifinals, 2nd leg)
  1. Before the game had started everyone has been waiting on to see the “Ronaldo and Kaka heated battle”, but to be honest there was no ronaldo in that match. The so called “born to dazzle” aka Cristiano Ronaldo, was nothing more of a “pretty boy” being taught how to play football by Gattuso.
    Ronaldo is indeed a great player, but he is nothing close to either both of manchester united previous number’s 7, Eric Cantona or David Beckham. That man still has room to grow, but he got to learn how to prove his worth on the pitch rather than showing off his skill at getting the media attention with his usual boastful talk.
    Kaka is someone that we can look up to, he has the skill and the humility of a real footballer, on the other hand Ronaldo has been nothing more than a “barking dog “. He often proclaim himself as the being best, and today’s match has teaches that man a valuable lesson that there is always someone better than you.

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