With Shinawatra as owner of Man City, the Premiership will have crossed a line

The Premiership has quite a few owners who have dabbled in shady business dealings before. Tom Hicks, co-owner of Liverpool has used his political patronage to leverage cozy business deals for him and his business partners. Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s owner and one of the original band of 23 oligarchs who benefited from their close connections with the late Boris Yeltsin and Anatoly Chubais, has been investigated by Swiss authorities for operating slush funds using IMF money. The investigations ended in tragic circumstances when the investigating magistrate was beaten unconscious in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Now Thaksin Shinawatra, the deposed PM of Thailand, who launched an unsuccessful bid for Liverpool three years ago, is favoured to takeover Manchester City. He is in exile, living in London. Shinawatra has been the target of many investigations into tax evasion and financial irregularities, many of them politically motivated and ultimately inconclusive.
However, there is a marked difference between a robber baron and being the head of a government responsible for extra judicial executions and the use of torture to intimidate protesters. Shinawatra’s security forces have been responsible for brutally killing thousands in its ‘War against Drugs’ and in quelling an insurgency in southern Thailand. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Thailand’s Human Rights Commission have documented their concerns and asked for opening investigations.
If Shinawatra is made the owner of Manchester City, the Premiership will have crossed a line. This is not a quaint story of a Bernard Tapie, a folk hero to many despite his economic wrongdoings, who became an emblem of OM’s success and subsequent decline in the early 90’s. This is a story of a man allegedly responsible for the tragic deaths of thousands, in exile from his country, and now potentially in charge of a Premiership club.
But I guess long suffering Man City fans heartily sick of bumbling manager Stuart Pearce, are welcoming Shinawatra’s bounty, as long as he shows Pearce the door.

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10 comments on “With Shinawatra as owner of Man City, the Premiership will have crossed a line
  1. as a blue I dispise the idea of Shinawatra I know it’s torturous watching city lately but this guy is to be deplored for his role in the brutality imposed on thousands of thai’s, a country which under his control continued to be symptomatic of the excrement that the world economic system throws up. I also don’t relish Americanisiation of the game, increasing ownership will lead to further detrimental changes..the game needs reclaiming by the fans…support supporters trusts…

  2. Would that campaign have been mounted be the same non-democratic (only accountable to itself) army that deposed him from power? Yes I thought so.
    The farmers and workers of Thailand love him as he did more for them than anyone in Thai history has. Thats enough for me.

  3. But I guess long suffering Man City fans heartily sick of bumbling manager Stuart Pearce, are welcoming Shinawatra’s bounty, as long as he shows Pearce the door
    so what if heis war on drugs has resulted in thousands of deaths.. If you’re caught with drugs inThailand.. you face the death penalty.. simple!

  4. You should take a look at the state of Thailand before and after Shinawatra! you should also ask who the drugs barons are – alledgedly it’s the generals running the country who are the drugs barons and they’re the ones that killed the thousands in the drugs wars as they off’d their middle men in a bid to avoid prosecution – I suggest you do a full fact finding mission before you post what you’ve heard in the sun!

  5. Thaksin is as guitly as any political or business leader for dodgy practices etc. If Blair took over a club would there be an outcry over his role in Iraq?
    Living in Thailand without him is a far less free place then with him, depsite his many faults. See recent reports on press freedom around thr world.
    People are generally a problem…

  6. Let’s not forget that Thailand enjoyed unprecented economic and social reform while Thaksin was in office. For example, all Thais now have access to quality, affordable health care. Its easy for outsiders to whinge about alleged human rights abuses, but the majority of Thais outside Bangkok Thaksin was a saint not a sinner. Drug dealers being tortured and oppressed? Excellent. They know the risks before they ply their trade. Vermin.

  7. I’m a Thai, though I’m living in Saigon right now.
    I can tell you this much about PM. Taksin, The fact in your article is BULL!
    The same Generals that was responsible for the deaths are the same in leagues with the ones that ousted Taksin last September!
    Get your fact straight!
    And stop believing in Thai Media, They say that they have been oppressed in Taksin’s era. But the fact still remains that Taksin’s goverment was criticized daily without censorship for years. You should see Manager online(www.manager.co.th) for proof of corrupted Media, since that is the most hated of all media right now.
    And once again, please get the fact straight next time, Taksin has done nothing wrong according to the Law. His 16mil supporters are still waiting for his return. THAT much i s true.
    If anyone is corrupt, it’s the politicians that were before him & the Generals that are dictating Thailand right now.

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