Anelka is wrong for Man Utd

Correct me if you will but not too long ago Sir Alex was waxing eloquent on how the Man U locker room’s sunny disposition was a huge factor in winning their ninth Premiership.
So why would you spend £8m to £10m on an enigmatic player who is known for his surliness and questionable temperament? Sure, ‘Le Sulk’ seems to be less cagey and more personable but that has to do with Sam Allardyce’s man management. Big Sam’s penchant for taking creative misfits in midlife crisis who have worn out their welcome at other clubs and rehabilitating them is well known. Low budget Bolton took a chance on Anelka, the highest priced player in club history and universally recognized as one of the game’s most gifted but temperamentally volatile strikers. Anelka had played for six clubs and parted ways with each one of them on bitter terms. Even Allardyce acknowledged the fact that it would be a challenge. However, Allardyce managed him well and it paid of for Bolton as Anelka had a productive season with 11 goals including a brace in a win over Arsenal, his former club.
Anelka will be less likely to be dinged up compared to Saha and Solsjkaer and his pace up front will be welcome but the baggage he brings to the Teletubbies atmosphere in Old Trafford potentially outweighs the positive aspects. Sir Alex is not known to run a rehabilitation camp.

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3 comments on “Anelka is wrong for Man Utd
  1. I can understand where you are coming from but would ave to disagree. Anelka definitely had some kind of attitude in his younger days but appears much more mature now. Sure, Big Sam had a lot to do with it but I’m sure being 28 now has allowed Anelka to reflect and he would be an assett to any team.

  2. ” universally recognized as one of the game’s most gifted but temperamentally volatile strikers.”
    Doesn’t that sound like another Frenchman that we had a few years ago? Cantona I believe his name was. If Anelka could have the impact the Le Grande Eric had then sign him up! Fergie is the man to keep tabs on Anelka so he can fulfil the pontential he had all those years ago at Arsenal

  3. Good pace, technique and finishing. I would like him in my team but not love him because he has his bad aspects and sometimes appears selfish in front of gaol.
    Anelka – good option but there are better ones. I still think SAF has a top class striker on the way. Who knows

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