Beckham revisited

There is no doubt that the uptick in English fortunes in the recent Brazil friendly and the Estonia win is because of the re-selection of Beckham into the squad. However, the impression I get is that when Beckham is playing then the squad adopts this ‘awaiting goals’ mode. A degree of passivity is introduced into the English game as players await a goal from one of Becks free kicks or from one of his well timed crosses finding a noggin. The emphasis changes from seeking or creating goals.
Unfortunately, England has been pathetic in that department. Italy’s success in the World Cup had a lot to do with Andrea Pirlo’s dead ball prowess but Marcelo Lippi was also instrumental in getting the Azzurri to seek goals from other sources and open play.
In the short term England remains fragile because all it would take is for Beckham to have an off day. Beckham’s introduction does not do any thing substantial to improve the English game in the long term too. It is not healthy when a player like Steven Gerrard is reduced to a byline. And English defenders have far too circumscribed a role. Matthew Taylor and Nicky Shorey are attack minded and like Fabio Grosso or a Marco Materazzi have shown that they can score goals. Time for McLaren to introduce them into the equation.

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3 comments on “Beckham revisited
  1. Azzurri is already plural. ‘Azzurris’ makes no sense.
    Interesting idea, I’ll regurgitate is as my own next time the subject of England comes up in conversation :)

  2. Gaffer thanks for drawing attention to the mistake. And Tom, would love to except that I have a bum ACl injury but more to the point, I am not that good. But still my points are valid and no one will deny that England needs more options other than the one Becks gives.

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