Fabianski challenges Lehmann, Henry challenges Arsenal boardroom

Lukacz Fabianksi has said that he did not come to Arsenal to sit on the bench and will challenge Jens Lehmann for the starting goalie spot from day one. Looks like we have very ambitious lad fully confident in his skills which is very good news for Arsenal. This should keep Lehmann on his toes.
Of course, the famously combative Lehmann issued his own broadside: “When I am physically fit and have nothing distracting me mentally, then nobody can match me for experience.”
Such healthy competition benefits Arsenal and it is good that these players are thinking of the next season unlike what is happening with Arsenal’s captain and perennial ‘swollenhead’ Thierry Henry.
Thierry Henry’s boot licking of David Dein has become obsessive. Since when has Dein in absentia become a bigger player in Arsenal’s future than Wenger? Henry now says that his staying on is predicated on whether this summer the Arsenal boardroom makes good on their promise of “super class” signings. This amounts to twisting the boardroom’s arm. Henry is now bigger than the club.
I think this seriously calls for a FIFA/ UEFA gag order on players trying to influence boardroom decisions. Dock them with a fine or a one game suspension. It is one thing for a player hoping that another player join their club during transfer season but Henry’s prima donna-ish behaviour really crosses a line. Nothing very new and it is said that Zidane used to detest Henry’s ‘me first’ attitude on the French squad and would prefer passing the ball to Trezeguet or Saha over Henry.

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7 comments on “Fabianski challenges Lehmann, Henry challenges Arsenal boardroom
  1. Henry is an employee and since when does an employee dictate to the employer? NEVER!I agree he is not bigger than the club and this business about Dein going is just a smoke screen. His attitude is destabilising the players and should be stopped. If he can’t respect the club and especially the manager, then he should go. If any of this is true that is!!!

  2. Thierry Henry is not being obsessive. David Dein leaving has probably been the spur for Arsenne Wenger leaving at the end of next season rather than extending his contract.Loyalty to Wenger was one of the main reasons that Henry has remained a gooner, when Wenger goes, so will Henry. If Henry goes so will Fabregas, he has said as much.
    With this group gone, where are our big names who attract other big name players? Who will be capable of building a new team with such misserable resourses and without any trophies in recent times?
    Appointing Wenger, all those years ago, turned out to be a brilliant move by Dein. Arsenal dragged up the quality of Premiership football, any other team who wanted success had to learn to compete with us. So far only three other clubs come close. If Wenger, Henry and Fabregass all go we will be back with the also rans and may never recover, at least in my lifetime. Success for us will be winning a few home derbys and getting a sniff of the UAFA Cup every few years.
    We are stuck. We have a financial millstone around our necks in the Emirates Stadium at a time when the likes of Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool are all free spending and successful. Dein understood that if we are to keep our lovely stadium full each week we need great football and success. Without outside finance we may miss out on both. As soon as one team decided to break ranks and buy success the only alternative is to do the same or become a second rank team, sad but that’s life.

  3. I think Arsenal do need to make some “super class” signings and agree with Henry, however, the boardroom should create the football, Henry should play the football.

  4. Don’t you think that someone needs to tell the board that we need experienced,quality players? I don’t blame Henry, he’s in the later years of his career, and he wants to win, and this is the best way how. Henry has no real intentions to leave the club, he’s just forcing them to do something that really is necessary in order to seriosuly challenge for silverware (and win some) next year.

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