Juan Roman Riquelme recalled in Argentine squad

This is probably one of the best news for the Argentine squad and for lovers of beautiful soccer all over the world. Juan Roman Riquelme is back in the international arena.
Riquelme who had retired from international soccer has been in dazzling form in the Copa Libertadores with his eight goals instrumental in Boca’s title win. Manager Alfio Basile named Riquelme in his Copa America squad. With Riquelme in, the Argentine squad just got a whole lot better. His recall has unsurprisingly not attracted the same international attention as David Beckham’s return to the England squad but Riquelme, a low key figure, would prefer his feet to do the talking.
Riquelme was not part of coach Manuel Pellegrini’s vision for Villareal as he was criticized for being too slow. He spent more time on the bench and then loaned out to Boca. The same criticism leveled at him at the 2006 World Cup forced a premature international retirement and with his mother’s health deteriorating, Riquelme decided to stay closer to home and play for Boca.
There is not many players as potent with a dead ball or with the quickness of vision and accuracy as Riquelme. He may appear slow but there is an anticipatory quality to his play that diagrams moves well in advance. I look forward to many more years of majestic soccer from Riquelme. A true artist.

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5 comments on “Juan Roman Riquelme recalled in Argentine squad
  1. Riquelme is a member of a dying breed: a classic #10, a true playmaker of the zidane mold. The best #10s were all slow. They’re the thinkers of the game. In Argentina there’s a term that can be translated as “the pause” in which a player–the one who thinks, the playmaker–stops the ball, controls it and keeps possession of it to re-direct the game. I am quite happy to see him back in the Argentine squad but many Argentines and others around the world don’t agree with you or me. The modern game, esp. in Europe, has less and less tolerance for a player like him. It’s very sad to see.

  2. Nice photo, Tom. Seems like a humble sort. A gentleman on and off the field.
    Sandrahn, I have to agree with you. Thoughtful, contemplative soccer is out the window. I keep visualizing Valderrama’s slow mo, almost walking pace, style of play.It almost seems quaint nowadays. But I think more Argentinians will appreciate Riquelme’s style and experience because they have a very young and relatively untested midfield. Fernando Gago who has been compared to Redondo is still 19. As Tom mentions someone the youngsters can look upto.

  3. Riquelme has that rare ability of being able to slow the game down and also makes his tean
    mmates better thanks to his pinpoint passing and always being in the right place on the pitch. While not flashy, he is the technically most sound midfielder anywhere, along with Kaka.

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