Rocky III and Ronaldinho

Sports editor Eduardo Vieira Da Costa seems to have made a good comparison between football and boxing in a recent editorial in the Brazilian newspaper A Folha de São Paulo.The writer of this article in applies the comparison to the life and times of Ronaldinho and asks the question “In the wake of snatching defeat in La Liga from the jaws of victory, being blamed for a lack of previous fire and a damp squib of a World Cup, can a 25 year-old film (Rocky III) hold important lessons for the star number 10 who is now holidaying while his compatriots prepare to defend Brazil in Venezuela and his club starts to bring in reinforcements …?”
He then goes on to answer the question pretty well and throws in a few you tube videos for good measure to illustrate and embellish his arguments.
Worth a read. The article can be found here…

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