Shinawatra’s Man City takeover runs into further problems

Soccerblog had written an article on how Shinawatra’s relationship with Man City would be fraught with danger with his business assets frozen in Thailand, leaving him vulnerable and exposed to the Thai government who will eventually tie him in knots with all kinds of charges.
Well, the Thai government is now launching an investigation into the funds that Shinawatra is using for the Man City takeover saying that these foreign assets are a mystery to them. As PM, Shinawatra was obligated to declare any foreign holdings.

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One comment on “Shinawatra’s Man City takeover runs into further problems
  1. It seems that no one actually want man City to succeed, though I expect this time, they will.
    The Thai government is not currently recognized by the British Government and US. Bearing in minf that Thailand is not under military rule after Thaksin was forced from government for becoming too popular!!!!!!!!!!

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