Sven signs up with Man City

I don’t get this deal. Sven Goran Eriksson is the new City manager but this is entirely contingent on Shinawatra’s takeover which from now onto eternity will prove to be a problem for the club. His assets can be frozen anytime and charges whether true or trumped up can be bought on him how and when the Thai government pleases. If he does not return to Thailand voluntarily to answer those charges, then there could be extradition. Yet, City persists in this ‘fools rush in …. ‘ mentality. Sven’s price tag is not cheap with a £3m annual salary and he has presented Shinawatra with his wish list of expensive signings.
Even if the money to increase Shinwatra’s stake in Man City passes government scrutiny and is cobbled together for the takeover, what chances are there that this won’t happen with the transfer money that will be used to bring players to the Eastland?

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3 comments on “Sven signs up with Man City
  1. OK .
    1) Our new chairmans was removed by a military junta and the British government recognise our new owner as priminister of Thailand.
    2) Britain has no extradition treaty with Thailand even if there was a democratically elected government in charge.
    3) Sven has won 6 league titles in 3 different countries.
    4) our new chairman will take the Thai military junta to the world court to retrieve cash that is rightly his.
    5) And it is Eastlands not Eastland
    6) Are you a bitter rag ?

  2. First of all there’ll no no extradition to a country seized by the military. The UK for one, doesn’t recognize their legitimacy. Secondly, the money to pay for City’s already in the UK. Thirdly, when throwing around numbers in this isolated way, it means nothing. You have to compare salaries and transfers with the big six or seven clubs. You’ll find it’s comparable.

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