Thaksin’s insistence on Sven Goran is bad news for Man City

Sven Goran Eriksson is Thaksin Shinawatra’s first choice as the coach for Man City. This is a bad choice on many levels. Reports are that Eriksson himself is not keen on the job.
First, Eriksson’s glory days as a club coach were almost ten years ago with AS Roma and Lazio. Secondly, he has been more in the news for his off field dalliances as well as embarrassing himself over a set up that saw him installed as Aston Villa’s new coach as part of a buyout by oil-rich sheiks. Eriksson is just too high profile a coach for Man City. Plus, he is not sleaze free. When you have a coach who has had relationships with public figures like Faria Alam, Ulrika Johnsson, and Nancy Dell’Olio, you have to question the commitment of Eriksson to coaching distraction free in a club that has made more waves off the field then on it. The good coaches like Sir Alex, Rafa Benitez, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Sam Allardyce, Martin O’Neill, Steve Coppell, keep a healthy distance from becoming tabloid fodder. Which is what will happen if Eriksson were to become coach of City.
Most importantly, Eriksson is a risk averse coach. His inclination is to run by the book which means that he is not going to shake the system. My first choice would be a coach like Juande Ramos who took Sevilla to two UEFA titles and a guaranteed top four finish in the La Liga, after years of languishing as a mid level club, and doing it with players not exactly well known outside Spain. All this in his first two years as coach in a tough league.

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5 comments on “Thaksin’s insistence on Sven Goran is bad news for Man City
  1. “Reports are that Eriksson himself is not keen on the job.”
    Here is a quote from the interview he did with sky sports on the 25th of May “City is a big, big club with unbelievable support. It would be an honour for me to be manager, like it would be for all other managers,”
    “not keen on the job” is an interesting interpretation on your part…
    Eriksson’s glory days in club football were 6 years ago – he left Lazio in 2001 to spend 6 years in the England job, watching English footballers play English football in England. It would be fair to say he isn’t exactly out of touch with the premiership. And yes he was a national manager and yes he’s more suited to club management but that’s by the by.
    He’s not sleaze free. But apparently Coppell is. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez. I take it you don’t read newspapers then. Sir Alex and his interesting horseracing shenanigans? Allardyce – ALLARDYCE???? What about Craig Allardyce, son of Sam Allardyce? Is that a name you’re not familiar with then? He’s one of the agents in the bungs enquiry and you’re saying Sam Allardyce is media averse – do me a favour. And the tabloids don’t tire of writing about Mourinho and Wenger – the fact is that no-one wrote about Stuart Pearce until he started using a stuffed toy horse because although he’s worthy and earnest there’s not a lot to write about.
    As for Eriksson being risk averse as a club coach – how would you know? Is that what Lazio supporters say? Have you asked them? Or are you judging him through his management of England? He’s not good as a national coach, he doesn’t do the barn-storming speeches, he tries to get into players heads to make then play well from the inside – an approach utterly unsuited to the national game where he only gets 4 days to try to stop them lumping it up to the big fella up front. Risk averse? I recall Walcott was in the senior squad at the last world cup, that’s not risk averse. I recall that he used Beckham and others even though they were injury worries – not risk averse at all.
    No – I think you just don’t like the guy and that’s fair enough but at least come out and say it.

  2. Where do you get you info? Reports that Eriksson is not keen on the job? He’s publically stated he wants the job. Nancy was only a public figure BECAUSE of Sven, maybe your thinking of Lawrence? but I dont remember him having “dalliances” with a rugby player. I’ll give you some free advice, research, think and ponder before you open your mouth and make yourself look stupid – MUPPET!!!!

  3. Well.., err, Svennis never said he didn’t want the Man City job, he declined to comment on any specific names and then said he would be interested in talking to any good club (implying that Man City IS a good club!).
    As for the fans not wanting Sven? One loudmouth xenophobic bigot of a “spokesman” who obviously isn’t aware of the international and FA ranking and acclaim Sven has earned making wild claims is not the full story. The Manchester newspaper poll shows over 70% of City fans want Sven’s winning ways and with only four competitive games lost in his five and a half years with England FC, who can blame them?

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