Thank you but we have to let you go

Fabio Capello finds himself cast into the outer darkness after taking Real Madrid to their first league title in four years.
Madrid sporting director Predrag Mijatovic said: “It was a difficult decision to take. Capello worked well last season, obtaining a title after several years.
“I want to thank Fabio Capello for his work, but looking at the future we do not think that he is the right person to lead us.”
The team’s laborious playing style and the Beckham fiasco have no doubt contributed significantly to the decision to sack him.

3 comments on “Thank you but we have to let you go
  1. 4yrs ago, Vicente Delbosque won Champions legue and 2 la liga in 3years and they sacked him. Now they have sacked another winning coach. I think the whole Madrid board is playing politics with their coaches.

  2. It’s a right dog’s dinner of a decision. What Real Madrid really needed at this point is continuity. That Capello actually managed to take a bunch of egos that had not managed to win anything for over three years and mould them into a side capable (albeit somewhat fortunately) of winning La Liga in a single season is remarkable. Schuster is strongly touted as Capello’s replacement. I’ve got nothing against him, but he really has not demonstrated an ability to coach a squad at this level, with this much expectation. It’s a risky decision, and could prove disastrous.

  3. What can you expect from a club that puts together the most amazing players of the modern generation, finds a manager that can discipline them and make them play sublime, beautiful football AND win doing it — and then fires not just that same manager but (as zidane called him) the “engine” of the team that enabled those victories (Makelele) in exchange for glamour boy Becks? I will never forgive Perez for denying zidane and the rest of the galacticos a system in which they could play the beautiful game and WIN — all because of his incredibly stupid decision making. Please do remember that initially the galacticos WORKED — they played the most extraordinary football in recent years because they had a manager who knew how to do it. And then he was fired.

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