The Copa America: The graveyard of CW

Conventional wisdom is out the door in this Copa. It is passe, decrepit, and dead on arrival. Support the underdogs because they will win. And if it involves the Andean countries and Copa invitees then give them your unadulterated and unabashed love. They are breathing life into Latin American soccer beyond Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Torpor is out, torrid in.
Whoo! Boy. You are way beyond the curve if you said Elano or Forlan. It is not far fetched to say Farfan. A bit of Humberto. You do like pizazz? Pizarro.Yes, I thought so. Some Roque n’ Roll. How about Nery? Nary a thought, its all action. Willy nilly, it might be Macnelly.
Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, and Chile have been the barbarians at the gates and they have shown that they are ready to crash the party. Colombia and even the US maybe next. The Albiceleste might fall from their mighty perch. Sepp Blatter will have to institute a ban on global warming if all the sea level countries sink further.
I like this Copa already.

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One comment on “The Copa America: The graveyard of CW
  1. Amazing tournament. Three games – 3 upsets. (Also, 3 goals wrongly disallowed — terrible decisions from the linesmen). Can’t wait to see if this trend continues tonight with US-Argentina.

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