The post Henry era dawns on Arsenal

I am a bit choked up as I write.
Arsenal’s future without its bonafide star is difficult to contemplate but the Spanish media including the reputed daily El Pais is reporting that Barca has signed Thierry Henry for 16 million pounds or 24 million euros. Arsenal’s leader in goalscoring came to the decision that the necessary personnel to challenge for the title had been lacking the last few seasons and that the resignation of David Dein was a wrong step in the club’s future.
Thierry Henry’s eight seasons saw Arsenal win every accolade save the Champions League with the striker contributing more than 200 goals. But as we say, and swallowing hard as we say it, the club is more important than any one player. We will soldier on and await the next big signing that will become a Gunner legend. Because there will be one.
As overcome as I am a big part of me also puzzles at the low figure of 16m pounds paid for a superstar like Henry by a rich club like Barca. If a figure of 17m pounds is being bandied about for Darren Bent and Florent Malouda then Arsenal has been truly suckered. Are they planning to get a Barca player in return? What happened to the Samuel Eto’o deal? 16m pounds practically gets you diddly squat in quality in the transfer market nowadays.

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  1. Wenger knows best. He will buy a stop gap striker. Anelka, Owen, Martins? Who knows? I vote for Wanger-Love. I just hope he doesn’t buy British. They’re so overhyped and overpriced. Wenger can breed fast forwards, he’s done it twice, why can’t Walcott be his third? Wenger will lead, that’s why he’s the coach and we are the fans. Let Kronke buy the club and watch our fate instantly change. Kronke buys the boys and the season pays for the stadium. Keep faith, we will rise again.

  2. I am devastated if these rumors are real, he was more than a top goal scorer to the club he was an icon, somone who drew fame and prestigue to my beloved club. i hope these rumors are not fully substantiated but i doubt it. i just hope arsenal picks up from here…
    noooooo lol

  3. If Henry has gone then so too have our hopes for any silverware this season. Once again, a top player has gone at least a season too early. It’s hard to see how we can be anything other than an also-ran this season without Henry. I hate to say this but it looks like this may be the year that St. Totteringham’s Day doesn’t arrive. Sad, very, very sad news indeed.

  4. Im kinda surprised at the low figure too…in part it is because he is 29…but maybe also Henry made a deal when he was resigned that if he wanted out, they’d sell him on the cheap rather than not have him at all…

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