Video: 1970 World Cup final: Brazil 4 Italy 1

The Guardian relives the 1970 World Cup final where arguably the best team of all time captured the Jules Rimet trophy forever in a classic. Pele, Jairzinho, Tostao, Clodoaldo, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto. Names that will ring on in the annals of soccer history. The British press commented: “Such beautiful soccer ought to be outlawed.”

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2 comments on “Video: 1970 World Cup final: Brazil 4 Italy 1
  1. Brazil’s performance was also highlighted for the fact Italy looked tired on the field, I think Brazil had a day more rest and the Italians had gone into extra time against Germany. This with the combination of tiredness and Brazils passing skills I think out did Italy. The Italian goal keeping did not seem that good either meaning out of this game and before 7 gaols were scored against them in total. No one can argue Brazil were brilliant but I don’t think we saw the best Italian performance either and the game could have had a better score line even if Italy probably would have lost anyway.

  2. Ahhh, my beautiful beautiful boys. Of course they’re all older than me but all Brazilian women feel that way about our football players. You’ll find my personal reminiscences of that final in the Guardian blog you linked to, Shourin. I’m under the name “HarperSmythe.”

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