Wenger will not make any big signings this summer

Rather than go through analysis paralysis, which is what clubs like Chelsea, Man Utd, and now Liverpool don’t have to go through because of their large cash reserves, Wenger probably figures that the 2006-2007 season was not a true barometer of Arsenal’s potential. Injuries, suspensions, and off the field distractions were a recurrent theme. A fit Thierry Henry and RVP would have been good for another 15+ goals and a half dozen wins. Scoring goals also releases pressure on an overworked back four leading to less defensive lapses.
Yes, Arsenal lost a number of key players in the last couple of seasons like Bergkamp, Robert Pires, and Jose Antonio Reyes. It is difficult to replace such players of caliber and the first instinct would be that without them it will be hard to challenge for the title. However, Fabregas is becoming a bit of a Emirates legend. Gael Clichy is coming on nicely. Adebayor was eye catching and responsible in taking on striker duty while the big unit was injured.
Then there is the question of Wenger’s relationship with Arsenal’s board. His inside man was David Dein who probably took the edge of an imperious person like Peter Hill Wood. Wenger has to establish a direct relationship with them. Arsenal’s decision making is differently done, through consensus by committee because no one is a majority shareholder. A collegial affair. It is a relationship quite different from the Roman Abramovich and Jose Mourinho who call the shots. I will take a season or two as Wenger himself goes through a learning curve. We still don’ quite know how much Hill Wood has decided to cough up but it will be nowhere in the region of a Man Utd or Liverpoool splurge.
A mid priced striker like Florent Malouda (10+ million pounds) would be attractive. I am not sure whether Franck Ribery is affordable (> 20 million pounds) and whether he would be all that desirable because Ribery quite frankly is a bit of a rolling stone. His changes of mind are as mercurial as his scrambling feet. Benni McCarthy is going to be expensive and close to 20 million pounds too. A signing like that does not leave too much wiggle room. David Bentley, his team mate might be a more attractive proposition. He has committed to a contract that sees him in a Rover uniform till 2011. Wenger might want to give English talent a second look because Bentley’s form makes him a catch.

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20 comments on “Wenger will not make any big signings this summer
  1. are you serious? Florent Malouda is a stirker now? really?… always thought he was a left sided winger/midfielder myself.
    Benni McCarthy would cost £20mil!?! HAHAHAHA. so his value has increased ten-fold since last summer? on the back of ONE good season. He’s also 30 (or nearly 30) years of age.
    re-signing david bentley? that’s even more ridiculous, he had an attitude problem and has slagged off arsenal multiple times since his move, plus he’ll never be good enough to make an impact at one of the ‘big 4’.
    The article wasn’t bad up until the final paragraph… what were you thinking mate?

  2. I can’t really see him buying Bentley. Considering we sold him to Blackburn a couple of years ago. I don’t think that Wenger has ever signed a player twice and if Bentley didn’t make it forst time around then he won’t make it now. I doubt that he’ll flood the squad with new players but I do reckon he’ll trim a bit and add a bit, maybe 2 or 3 more players. A well known name and 2 unknowns maybe. Its the Wenger way.

  3. Could ur font be any smaller? Think about usability…I haven’t bothered reading ur post because of it.

  4. Unbelivabably optamistic and despite the wealth of undeniable young talent at the Emirates – the arse are much as it pains me to say it well short at the moment. Completly disagree about Ade aswell. No doubting his qualities the lad is a good player. I’m afraid like Baptista he will be born out not to be of Arsenal pedigree. We’re short in a number of departments everyone knows it and i worry about next season if wenger doesn;t bring in some proven quality and experience – dare i say it we’re nearly slipping down to “The Lane” level.. ok maybe not quite but its getting close.!!!

  5. Please wenger what we wonte is your shoud get for has same tow or three good players to help thoese kids we are having, becase this sesione we wonte to do same thing don’t say that your are not going to spent ok, we need to do same thing?

  6. I like what I’ve seen of Malouda. I seem to remember we used to have a player called David Bentley playing for us a couple years ago – could this be the same person by any chance? Judging by his post-transfer comments, I doubt he would come back.

  7. oh god another wish list POST.
    lets deal with some facts please ,we need some inside news on what is really transpiring.. i can rattle out lists of player id like to see at arsenal too but what we need here are some facts ..
    1. the REAL transfer budget sum arsene has.
    2. who is really leaving so we can gauge who we need to bring in
    3. a top up on youth players of the highest calibre.( as arsene likes it that way)
    4.take over speculation revealed sooner than later
    5.henrys future
    if anyone can answer those questions that would be worth reading…

  8. Bentley used to play for Arsenal, presumably you knew this? Anyway Wenger won’t be re-buying him. Also it’s Hill-Wood not Hill Woods. Nice try though.

  9. A nice sensible, non-rambling or senationalist analysis. i enjoyed reading it very refreshing compared to all this senationalist or smarmy bollocks i endure reading.
    not sure about bentley though. malouda for sure, a much better prospect than ribery (who i fear to be another passing, technical, small cesc-esque midfielder, of which we have a surplus)
    we definatley need a winger though (preferably a naturally left-sided one) and maybe a bit of attacking cover to replace baptista and aliadiere!

  10. Well he isn’t signing Ribery that is for sure. He just joined Bayern Munich.
    He rather play for them than go to a club with CL footy.

  11. keep henry and sign babel if not ribery and a centre half who can play on the flanks and bennie is worth 3million pounds

  12. keep henry and sign babel if not ribery and a centre half who can play on the flanks and bennie is worth 3million pounds and noting more

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