Asian Cup: Iraq continues its fairy tale run: Australia crash out

Iraq beat Vietnam, 2-0 on the strength of two Younis Mahmoud goals. The victory set off celebrations in Iraq and claimed two lives.
It is noteworthy that the two countries that have provided the most defining moments in recent US foreign policy met up against each other. Two countries that have bitterly divided the USA are meeting on the soccer field. Maybe they can share their experiences under occupation. One country that is now unified meets another that political pundits increasingly whisper in terms of a ‘soft partition.’ The success of the Iraqi soccer team is being celebrated bringing a torn nation together. Ah! The beauty and power of soccer
Meanwhile, Graham Arnold’s resignation watch begins. 2 losses, 1 draw, and just the 1 win can’t make the Socceroos too happy. Arnold blamed the conditions and being down ten men. You really can’t use the hot and sticky weather as an excuse. A good coach would have had them prepared for these contingencies. Australia was ill prepared, too over confident, and frankly out played for most part of the Asian Cup.

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2 comments on “Asian Cup: Iraq continues its fairy tale run: Australia crash out
  1. I really hope Iraq wins. If Didier Drogba can help bring the Ivorian civil war to a close, hopefully the Iraqi team lifting the cup can give everyone there something to celebrate together and put the violence on hold.
    The only thing that would be unbearable about that is watching the US media praise George Bush for having the vision to stop the violence in Iraq.

  2. Adam
    I hope so too. And yes, it would be a travesty if the US media praises Bush for it or if he goes on the air and says that they won because they have ‘freedoms.’

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