Copa America: A final to forget for Argentina

Ye Gods! What was that all about? Did I see the worst exposition of poor passing and aimless freekicks. It just looked like the Argentinians were smitten by ennui. If it was not ennui then it was fatigue as deep into the second half many milled around the backfield with their hands on the hips.
In one game, the Argentinians went from the expositors of the beautiful game to the creators of dreck. But we have seen this stumble before from the Argentinians as they also began their 2006 WC campaign in spectacular fashion only to fade away. They have been brittle in that regard and today, the Ayala own goal seemed to deflate them. They looked awful in the second half. Their passing crumbled as the Brazilians bottled up the lanes.
On the other hand, the Brazilians looked sharp in their counter attacks with Dani Alves coming on as a substitute outstanding in his speed and creativity. Elano picked up an injury allowing Alves into the game and he made an instant difference. Ayala turned a wickedly inswinging cross sent in by Alves from the right, into his own goal. The third goal was the result of a nifty little pass bisecting Milito and Ayala as Love picked out Alves and the Sevilla wingback finished off his chance. Baptista’s first goal was a nice bit of trap, sidestep, and shoot, all in one smooth sequence as Elano’s lofted pass isolated Baptista against Ayala. The Argentinian captain had a nightmare game.
It was not a pretty match as one lost track of the many fouls. Messi was a bowling pin, picking up at least 20 of them. He did not do much but he was not alone. Riquelme’s free kicks fell dreadfully short or were badly off target. And he had plenty of chances. His best chance was a stinging shot that carromed off the right post minutes after the Baptista goal.
It was a strange final as immediately after the first half, Doni began time wasting. Luckily, the referee was not going to have any of that and yellow carded him. Minutes later he gave a card to Juan for doing the same thing.
A huge letdown as finals go as one was expecting a well contested, entertaining,and free flowing game but it was Brazil who came out to play.

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4 comments on “Copa America: A final to forget for Argentina
  1. Argentinin defence is pathetic. Also, if you compare the total skill of all players
    between these two teams, Brasil is ahead of Argentina. Their passing , movement etc was much sharper. This Argentina team is only good for Mexico or teams below that level. Against Germany or Brasil, they just can’t open the goal, just can’t.

  2. I am Brazilian and have joined in all the criticisms of this squad’s dreadful football throughout the tournament. I have very mixed feelings on this game and victory. On the one hand I was shocked at how well Brazil performed and how Argentina were totally clueless, stunned. I always prefer to see Brazil win and I liked seeing Baptista prove his worth. On the other hand I am disheartened to see that we are now the new Italy: organized, efficient, clinical, disciplined, relentless, ruthless and brutal. And only occasionally attractive. It was a strange game and I’m still absorbing the shock of it.

  3. My theory is that Dunga is preparing the Brazil squad for Europe where he will match the new physicality with teams like Germany, Italy, France- teams that Brazil has had problems with in the past.
    It will be interesting to see these teams who have played a physical style for many years meet the new Brazil. There is a trend in European soccer as seen with the Italians and Germans that they are moving to a more attractive free flowing form.
    Argentina with Basile is going the Tele Santana route- beautiful but not necessarily the most effective soccer.

  4. *Posted this under the video, but probably should be here
    This game was an onslaught by Brasil. I’ve read that Argentina has fallen like this before, playing beautifully only to come short when it counts.
    That might be so, but Brasil played the right game against Argentina and any attacking team such as them. They played aggressive and smothered play makers like Riquelme and Messi, not giving them a chance to breath. I was getting frustrating with all the fouls Brasil was committing and I could just imagine how the Argentinians were feeling.
    Thats my opinion on the game. I was going for Argentina, but Brasil knew what they were doing.

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