Fabio Capello to oversee US soccer development?

Yeah! The man that Ramon Calderon turned out after leading Real to the Liga title is reported to have been approached by an offer of a job in the US. Capello’s words are quite leading as he says that “It would be a new experience that would intrigue me, not for the money but to see if anyone could make American soccer take off.”
It can’t be too hard to extrapolate that to mean a position where he can influence soccer development in the US. Capello has never been anything else other than a club coach with limited knowledge of soccer development. So all this would be new to him. There were rumours of Ged Houllier being tapped for that position.
Is Capello the right person to undertake such an endeavour? No. Whereas, Houllier never a good coach, was an acknowledged master at recognizing and developing talent, and the force behind the 1998 World Cup winning French squad. Capello seems to have less patience for such results. He is a master of improvisation and motivation. A tactical supremo. An ideal on the ground coach who has had bitter and contentious feuds with his leading players. He has had no national experience and has only coached clubs.
The other longer shot possibility is that he may replace Frank Yallop at the LA Galaxy and be united with David Beckham. There maybe an additional dynamic in play if Santino Quaranta is to be believed that the gaffer and Alexi Lalas maybe at loggerheads and all this has to do with the arrival of Beckham hogging all the oxygen. Yallop has to deal with the other 22 players in the squad and make sure that they are not consigned to the dustbin of history because the colossus of Rhodes walked into town.
Lalas seems to be more concerned about keeping Beckham happy. Remember Capello’s relationship with Beckham began to mend at the end of his Real career and a concerted bid was put forth to re-sign him even as Beckham was packing his bags to leave for LA. It would be a shrewd move to bring Capello as the gaffer to retain Beckham and the financial windfall that he will bring the LA Galaxy. Frank Yallop is a decent man but this is all about business and not about the soul of US soccer.

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