Premiership: Civil courts and uncivil behaviour

So Carlos Tevez costs 30m pounds? And Man Utd is willing to pay that much? Add all the money up and their bill is over a 100m pounds in transfers this season. Meanwhile, paying off the Glazers borrowings of 660m pounds to finance the takeover just got more expensive because the interest rates went up.
Somewhere down the line, does someone smell another buyout or a foreclosure? Meanwhile, look for a big fat Cristiano Ronaldo transfer to Real or to Milan to get some money back. Or palm off the costs to the patsies, the Man U fan now mortgaging his house to see a match.
Sheffield Utd threatens to take West Ham to High Court, and now Kia Joorbachian and MSI have served West Ham with legal papers to resolve the issue of who gets the transfer fee for Carlos Tevez dispute. Its all connected at the hip.
Meanwhile Man Utd’s chance of making up some money in the form of a Gabriel Heinze transfer rests on keeping an old tradition of not allowing a transfer between the two bitter rivals. The last such trade was in 1964, when Phil Chisnall departed Merseyside. A passage of time that has seen England’s World Cup title, Vietnam, Woodstock, the last days of disco, Joy Division, Margaret Thatcher, the falling of the Berlin Wall, the AIDS epidemic, the morning after pill, and the execution of Saddam.
Strangely enough it is what Gabriel Heinze wants. He wants to leave Old Trafford to ply his trade with Rafa Benitez. It is becoming a civil rights issue. Man Utd claims that he is being tapped but according to Benitez it was known to all clubs that Heinze was up for sale. Liverpool is willing to meet the Man Utd’s price of 6.8m pounds but it was rejected. Apparently, the Red Devils put him up for sale but forgot to mention ‘except Liverpool’ in the official documentation. So this too appears for a legal showdown.
Its all cruising to a smashing climax in the final weeks to the start of the season. So keep you hands on deck otherwise you might get blown off.

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One comment on “Premiership: Civil courts and uncivil behaviour
  1. Why do people always assume Man Utd are in HUGE debt? When are you people gonna understand that we have over 100 million fans and money isn’t a problem, change the record!!!!!! and what have United spent in the last two seasons? not alot especially in comparison with Chelski! who are the more likely club to be in trouble when Roman tires of his trainset!

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