6 comments on “Video: Brazil take Copa America 3 – 0
  1. What were these two close own-goals by the Argentines about before the mouth of the goal before they did indeed give one to them?

  2. Mudin001
    Yes, Julio Baptista. He was let go by Wenger who did not renew his loan from Real.

  3. Baptista is a good player and I always thought that he just needed more time to adjust to the Premiership. It took Drogba time to adjust too.

  4. This game was an onslaught by Brasil. I’ve read that Argentina has fallen like this before, playing beautifully only to come short when it counts.
    That might be so, but Brasil played the right game against Argentina and any attacking team such as them. They played aggressive and smothered play makers like Riquelme and Messi, not giving them a chance to breath. I was getting frustrating with all the fouls Brasil was committing and I could just imagine how the Argentinians were feeling.
    Thats my opinion on the game. I was going for Argentina, but Brasil knew what they were doing.

  5. As is usually the case in games between these two countries, it doesn’t really matter who’s been playing better prior to the game. Once the match starts, anything can happen. Brazil proved its new style is more suited to play against a talented team that is not afraid of pulling forward against them. With several – too many in my opinion – fouls to stop play and tons of determination, the Brazilians were able to cancel the flow of the Argentine game and create a few chances of their own in counterattacks. The trouble for this new Brazil coached by Dunga remains to keep playing well against teams that only care about defending.

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