Video: Copa America: Paraguay outclasses USA, 3-1

Edgar Baretto scores, Paraguay 1-0.
Edgar Baretto, Oscar Cardozo, and finally Salvador Cabanas finish off the USA. Ricardo Clark pulls back one for team USA. But the defense looked like it was one step slower most of the match. (Goals here and here and here ).

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3 comments on “Video: Copa America: Paraguay outclasses USA, 3-1
  1. A poor defensive effort all around by the Americans.
    Our finishing was also second rate at best, as we had multiple chances but could only find the net once.
    I feel that I must call out my hero Kasey Keller for the 3rd goal…if you noticed on the replay the wall was angled in such a way as to give away the side of the wall were the goal came from. In my 20 years of goalkeeping I’ve never used this “tactic” in setting walls and can’t fathom why Keller set his like this. A properly set wall most likely prevents the 3rd goal.

  2. As the Spanish commentator said, “When chances are given to you, you have to take them, because when you give it to them, they’re going to score.” While there was nothing groundbreaking about his comments, it spoke to the heart of the game. A terrible back-pass and an opportunistic striker led to the 2nd Paraguay goal. USA had numerous clear chances to make this a different game, including a header from Moor who was a mere 6 yds from the net with no defenders in sight, instead he gifted it to the goalie. I’m aware it’s the USA’s “C” Team, but failure to convert opportunities into goals has become a constant theme in our national team’s games.

  3. I think Bob Bradley’s honeymoon is over. Even if this is essentially the B squad it still does not account for the lack of finishing chances and of the many defensive lapses. Now comes the hard part of coaching the team. It would be interesting to see how the US responds to Colombia.

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