Alexandre” Duck” Pato to AC Milan

Alexander Pato most recently seen in the Brazil U20 squad that crashed out of the World Cup has been snapped up by AC Milan for 20m euros. He is now in Milan undergoing a physical and because he is still below 18 years will be eligible to play for the senior squad in January 2008.
The former Internacional striker joins Brazilian icons Kaka and his idol, Ronaldo as Milan fortifies its attack.

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One comment on “Alexandre” Duck” Pato to AC Milan
  1. First of all, it’s not true there are only B- and C- ratel players playing for Brazilian soccer team. But, if it was, what is the problem of it? Just remember when International won the last World Championship? Who were the famous, world A- rated players? I don’t think there was one…The truth is we see diamonds where most of the people see rough rocks.

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