Arsenal game key to Jol’s future

A win over Arsenal, their bitterest foes in next month’s derby might be just about enough to save Jol his job. Since the Gunners are firmly in the Spurs sights to vault over them to fourth spot this appears to be a reasonable yardstick. Graham Roberts, the former Spurs captain thinks so >>
However it is not matches against the existing big four that will make or break Jol’s future, it is winning matches in between against clubs that the Spurs should easily coast over. Meanwhile Darren Bent’s overpriced transfer has become a bone of contention between Jol and director of football operations, Daniel Comolli. Similar to Sheva being an albatross around Jose Mourinho’s neck after his transfer was pushed through by Roman Abramovich.

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6 comments on “Arsenal game key to Jol’s future
  1. Jol is the best thing to happen to Spurs since glenn hoddle and they are making him a scape goat, for all the other ill’s at the club. Mind you if they got rid of him, it would be much better for the gooner’s.

  2. Would hsve thought Grahams previous comments and predictions would have been reviewed before basing an article on them.
    He has a pretty abysmal record for getting it right. I beleive it would be difficult for Spurs board to move against Jol for a few months by which time he may well be untouchable.

  3. After watching Arsenal v ManC and ManU v Spurs I wander about the ambitions of the other clubs.
    Namely the assumption that the team to knock off a top four team deems to be Spurs. This may be a bad assumption since Portsmouth as well as several other pretenders to the throne are possible climbers. Against Arsenal I thought Manchester City played very well and had a very lively attack that came close.
    Apart from Berbatov Spurs had the same old same old. Keane seems to play like an old Mark Hughes that is a pest rather than a attacker.
    Micah Richards had a good game at the back for ManC while spurs were lucky to fight a weak ManU attack even though it dominated at times.
    The assumption also says that Arsenal (who lost nine games last year) are open to do it again, don’t think so.

  4. spurs are shit. Top four my ass, hear the same crap every year how they are gonna beat arsenal in the legue but it never happens. Just concentrate on kicking ur mangaer out after 4 games.

  5. Graham Roberts is thick bricklayer and was a shit player. He knows fuck all about the game.
    Jol is brilliant for the Tiny Totts, he’s just the person to lead them back into the Championship where they belong. (OK, Conference).

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