Beckham- from ballyhooing to booing

Headlines like the “Beckham – The Idle Idol” and news stories that begin “English megastar David Beckham resumed his tour of American soccer benches on Sunday. . . . ” are an indication of a significant loss of enthusiasm among the fans for Beckham and his famous injured ankle.

3 comments on “Beckham- from ballyhooing to booing
  1. Lets be patient he will heal and then we will see some good soccer.The cheer leaders trying to disparage this fine player are the sports reporters who know nothing about the game and hate to see soccer grow in america.

  2. I do agree. Anyone that has played any sport knows how much an ankle injury can hinder play. In his first MLS game, he came on with a man down and started to control things within those few minutes he was on.
    He’s suppose to play tonight though, in the Super Liga. I look forward to seeing it.

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