Dani Alves Chelsea deal looks imminent

If Dani Alves joins Chelsea then the odds of Man Utd winning the Premiership again, got a whole lot slimmer. With Malouda blistering the left flank and Alves cranking up the right, the outside inside game will have defenders back pedaling all the way to the goal, as they open up the game for the best finisher in the business, Didier Drogba.
Except that Drogba does not have to do it alone, as Malouda and Alves are perfectly capable of pouring it in. Malouda showed his form in the match against Man Utd and Alves finished off a perfect one two with Vagner Love against Argentina in the Copa America final. I can just see Neville, Rio, and Wes Brown with their hands on their hips looking at each other.
The Sevilla transfer will make him more expensive than Malouda but it will introduce the EPL to one of the most versatile players in the world today. He plays everywhere – and in the same game, too. He is, says this morning’s AS: “Three players in one: a central midfield playmaker with a winger’s soul who plays at full-back.”
He also brings a zestful and mercurial personality to a rather dour Chelsea side whose manager eschews any individuality to the ultimate good of the team. Alves will also likely introduce us to the less savoury aspects of his game, he was amongst the players with the most fouls and dives in the Liga. All these fit into a player that commits himself to giving his best. If he arrives at Stamford Bridge he might just become the most talked about transfer this season.
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4 comments on “Dani Alves Chelsea deal looks imminent
  1. The best finisher in the business!? Drogba was on fire last year and even than hardly looked like a clinical striker. He surely doubled his workrate by scoring 30 goals in the past year, finally silencing the Chelsea doubters (i.e. me), but I’m years away from labeling him as a ‘finisher’. I’d leave the title ‘finishers’ for true hitman such the departed; Van Nistelroy and Henry (two men who never fail in front of goal). Guys like Rooney, Tevez, and Drogba are world class strikers, but still hit the post too often in heart attack inducing efforts.

  2. Agree. Drogba is a remarkable physical presence with a marvellous eye for goal and athleticism that Pie- and Granny-eating Rooney can only dream of. World class finishers – like Raul, Morientes, or that cheating toerag Inzaghi – don’t create anywhere near what Drogba does. But they’ll knock someone else’s hard work into the net 99 times out of 100.

  3. did jose mourinho write this article? i’m glad i don’t have to write anything about “the best finisher in the business” since mbyte did that for me. roy made man utd out to be some club who can absolutely not compete now that chelsea has dani alves. i guess giggs, an established prem player and one of the greats, and ronaldo, best player in the prem last year, isn’t a very good winged attack. then having tevez and rooney as strikers isn’t a lot either. try to be a little less editorial next time you write, please.

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