Frank Yallop: The dishonest whispering campaign begins

The LA Galaxy crashed to its third defeat in the post Beckham era losing to Chivas, 3-0. To be fair the Galaxy only played Beckham in its NY match which led to a pulsating 5-4 draw in a match of the ages.
Yallop has few options- either the Galaxy get to the playoffs or not. He cannot even cite the bottom line as remaining in the MLS as there is no promotion and relegation system. Thus so far, the introduction of Beckham has caused Yallop more headaches because it has created the expectancy that one player is more than the sum of the game. The media has already bought into the story that Yallop cannot handle the pressure of coaching David Beckham.
Except that in this case Beckham came when the LA Galaxy already had no legitimate chance of making the playoffs and he also came injured. He might have brought the crowds to see the game last Saturday but he did not help the LA Galaxy win any more games. Thus so far he has been ineffectual for his clubs’ fortunes. This is not Yallop’s fault.
But all this is about finding a scapegoat. Alexi Lalas has to justify the purchase of his golden goose. Does this mean the Frank Yallop loses his job as Jurgen Klinsmann is being tapped for the managerial position? Yes. Because one superstar is going to coach another superstar. Mark my words. Klinsmann is going to become Beckham’s personal trainer because the warped thinking is that the LA Galaxy is going to find its glory days through this one player phenomena. A truly sickening phenomenon.
Ironically, it was Alexi Lalas who signed Yallop on as manager on the strength of his success against the LA Galaxy in the MLS finals leading the San Jose Earthquakes to two MLS titles. Yallop must be wondering where the good old days went when they won without any superstars.

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2 comments on “Frank Yallop: The dishonest whispering campaign begins
  1. For me its a question of can the US Soccer watching public even understand the role of a player like David Beckam – the brilliance of his accuracy/setting up goals… not an attacking forward like Ronaldo etc. The are a LOT of issues facing this whole thing, my fingers are crossed that it will pan out ok, but I’m not betting on it.

  2. Good post, Shourin. Mixed feelings on Yallop — I feel sorry for him having to deal with something so crazy and gigantic to be foisted on him but on the other hand he just doesn’t seem to be a terribly good manager.
    The whole Beckham thing to the US is already and will become even more of a huge, ridiculous flop.

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