Last minute transfer roundups: Anelka to Man City?

It seems Sven Goran has his sights now on Nicholas Anelka who should bring an instant impact on attack which so far has been impressive in spells. But they need a proven goal scorer to round off a club on the upswing. Man Utd is also in the mix as it took a superlative strike and a bit of a fortuitous contact to get them their win against Tottenham.
The big news is that Chelsea may still be able to grab Daniel Alves as the wingback has all but wrecked his relationship with Sevilla and was left out of the match against Getafe as well as the CL qualifier against AEK Athens. The asking price is steep, estimated at 36 million euros. But if there is any club that can pull of such a last minute expensive transfer it will have to be Chelsea. Alves is a better bet than Ronaldinho whose recent sluggish form and loss of motivation might make him an ever greater liablilty.
Also on the transfer block is Jermaine Defoe who has yet to sign a new contract with Tottenham and is surplus to their requirements. He may wind up at West Ham who maybe looking for a replacement for Kieron Dyer now that his season has ended with a double fracture.
Another reported transfer is SWP but Chelsea is beginning to see the best of the right winger who is really bringing a spark to the attack this season. I think that Mourinho would like to keep him if the Alves transfer does not work out.

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