Thaksin giveth and Thaksin can taketh away

I don’t think there are too many clubs that can claim that their fortunes rest on a serious consideration of an extradition treaty between England and in Thaksin Shinawatra’s case, Thailand.
If however the Thai government threat is taken seriously then Thaksin’s failure to appear in court in a land graft case and possible conviction could become a legal concern for the EPL. Even if he dodges this one, the government is lining up 12 separate charges of corruption which would have to be all considered potential ownership rule breakers.

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4 comments on “Thaksin giveth and Thaksin can taketh away
  1. I hope the FA suffers a major headache on this one. Their total surrender of English football to any rich foreigner with shady backgrounds is one of the most disgusting spectacles in sport I’ve ever seen.

  2. by a illegal government for getting rid of 2500 drug dealers from face of earth! i would give him a medal.

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