Arsenal spreads the goalscoring wealth

Something is happening in Arsenal and it is not Alisher Usmanov’s long term plans to inveigle control over the boardroom. Four games into the season, the Gunners are finding ways to put the ball into the net after all that fabulous approach work. And it is coming from a host of players. Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, RVP, and Adebayor have all gotten on the scoring sheet. And there is still Flamini, Clichy and Gilberto, players who are equally capable of scoring, yet to contribute.
Truly gratifying is Cesc’s willingness to have a go and it has paid fantastic dividends. Last season, we had to wait till the season was almost over for him to record his first goal. This year the little maestro already has two in the first four matches.
The win against Portsmouth is all the more significant because Pompey themselves have a potentially explosive attack with Kanu and Utaka up front. Senderos gets sent off early in the second half but the Gunners still managed to add to their tally through Rosicky who finally was able to finish off a scoring chance. Clichy is developing into a fearsome left wingback. Most of the threatening attacks wide off the field come from the left flank. The right still seems transitional with a number of players trying to effect a wide game with Walcott, Eboue, Sagna, Diaby, and now possibly Diarra, forming a rotation.
Full marks to Arsenal and with the Portsmouth win, they are now in second position with a game in hand against Chelsea who meet Villa.

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One comment on “Arsenal spreads the goalscoring wealth
  1. just come back from the emirates and thought we won comfortably. Adeybuyor looked awfull in truth and just doesn’t know where the goal is and that the whole point of the game is to put the ball in the back of the net! He frustrates me and i just wish he could just put the ball in the net. He’s far too laid back and has got as much pace as my mum.
    However the positives were our midfielders, led really by Gilberto! Diaby also looks great again and it was good to see rosicky looking sharper.

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