Chelsea falls as Villa stand tall

Liverpool becomes the team to beat as Chelsea came a cropper at Villa Park. Zat Knight scored on his debut for Villa as the two quicksilver bookends of Moore and Agbonlahor peppered the Chelsea box with crisp crosses and lightning shots. And when the Villa defence came under unrelenting siege, there was no bigger presence than Martin Laursen to blunt those attacks. He was huge and the Villa faithful will hope that he remains healthy for the remainder of the season.
I think on this day Jose Mourinho was outcoached by Martin O’Neill, whose disciplined team maintained two layers between Chelsea and the Villa goal. A scampering midfield hustled the ball away from Drogba and Essien’s feet as they were pushed back and then a stout defence turned, deflected, or tackled the ball at the last moment. Chelsea forced 13 corners but they were unable to take advantage. SWP was Chelsea’s attacking presence but his finishing was woeful.
Ashely Young should be given a serious look by Steve McLaren for the English squad. He easily got better of a good defender like Belletti and showed how dangerous wing play can be in creating chances, one of which was met by his counterpart Agbonlahor for Villa’s second goal.

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