Wenger’s commitment reflects Arsenal’s better financial strength

This news will hearten not just Arsenal fans but all lovers of good soccer. We will see the free flowing form that has become a trademark continue on in the Emirates.
The best thing about all of this is that Wenger and the lads are enjoying themselves. Its not just the David Dein camp putting the squeeze on the board but pretty much the whole soccer establishment was writing off Arsenal because it did not make those earth shattering signings this summer.
Guess what? A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Wenger puts it in words.
“Since the beginning of the season something has been happening in this team,” he said. “They fight for each other, they have a great togetherness and love for the game.”
At this point I think Robbie Savage, if he decided to take a heave ho at Fabregas, would find his gonads at the back of his throat. This team is feisty and pumped up and ready to take on the establishment.
And doesn’t what Wenger said above epitomize what English soccer should be. His words bear repeating.
“Since the beginning of the season something has been happening in this team,” he said. “They fight for each other, they have a great togetherness and love for the game.”
I would argue that the best thing that has happened to this Arsenal team is that it has become more English in character. It always had the matchplay but now there is a scrappiness, a ne’er die attitude, and a win ugly if need be attitude.
But emotion and feel good vibes aside, Wenger’s commitment to the club also reflects a careful consideration of the club’s financial resources which are better than expected. A September 24th financial report, the first one after the Emirates move, show that the heavy borrowing for the new stadium is paying off. Real estate development on Highbury grounds, Arsenal’s old stomping grounds will bring in an infusion of 150m pounds in 2009. Wenger has the cash if need be, to pay for expensive transfers, even without a takeover. But knowing Wenger its nice to have this great luxury. Whether he exercises it is another story.

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2 comments on “Wenger’s commitment reflects Arsenal’s better financial strength
  1. The first thing I think about when I read this, is one Monsieur Thierry Daniel Henry…and the l’raison of his leaving Arsenal is because he wasn’t sure if Arsene would be there. I thought any real Arsenal fan would note this right away.
    As for the comments on Robbie Savage; I believe the author of the article should be compelled to prove such data and if not, be forbidden to be on the touchline for a game and consigned to the stands!

  2. Robbie Savage is a diving little wimp, a talentless lowlife scumbag, and any team that has the stupidity to include him in their squad can’t be taken seriously.
    I don’t understand any gooners who swallowed all the media hype about Wenger possibly leaving the club. I was never worried because Wenger would not leave in the middle of building his 3rd team. I expect that this will be his last contract given his comments in the last year or two about his future (he said he won’t stay as long as SAF has stayed at Manu and he’s talked about how much the job has kept him from his family). Arsenal is his last job, he’d never go to any other club because he wouldn’t have the kind of power and control that he has at Arsenal. Hence, those rumours about him going to Spain were always ludicrous. He’d never put up with the kind of interference managers put up with in Spain.
    I expect that Wenger will go upstairs after the end of this contract and he’ll appoint his successor. Wenger is Arsenal, the club is in his blood.
    Arsene knows.

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