Corinthians deal with life in Brasiliero B

Corinthian fans dismayed with their club’s relegation took it out on their players and chairman Andres Sanchez. A disgruntled fan hid in the toilet of the bus ferrying the players to the airport after their match with Gremio and then emerged threatening them with physical injury. Some players were asked to sing the club anthem to prove their fealty to the club. Andres Sanchez was confronted by a angry fan who jabbed a finger to his face called him a waste and someone who had compromised his clubs fortunes with the MSI relationship.
The problem is not just one of fans who might stay away but there are financial implications the Corinthians have to deal with the loss of TV revenue which will cut in half what they earned in the A division. Another worry is that key players may not want to play in the lower division and this is certainly the case with Dodo, a striker with the club whose contract is contingent on remaining in the A division. Veterans Gustavo Nery and Vampete whose contracts expire this year will leave along with defender Kadu. Goalkeeper Felipe whose runner up award to Rogerio Ceni was one of the few highlights of the Timao in their forgettable season also expressed his doubts whether he would be back.
On the other hand the Corinthians relegation is already having a ripple effect in the 13 clubs that comprise the B division who are looking forward to having increased national exposure with stadiums filled to capacity with matches involving the Timao. The president f the B division, José Neves Son also welcomed Bahia back to the fold, stating that Corinthians and Bahia would bring in the crowds.
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