Nery Castillo on his way to Man City

The one year loan deal for Nery Castillo appears to be finalized with the usual haggling going back and forth on the loan amount. Shakhtar’s owner Rinat Akhmetov wants 5m euros with no options. However Castillo was on hand to see his new team play Bolton.
He will immediately jockey for a position with the in form Rolando Bianchi who says he is not looking to go anywhere in the transfer season. Castillo was a major force at Olympiakos before being transfered to Shakhtar for a record 20m euros but proved to be an expensive bust failing to score in eight games. His scintillating display in this year’s Copa America took Mexico to the semi-finals.
Its widely known that Castillo is a temperamental and self centered player and his earlier career was marked with disciplinary problems at Olympiakos where he fell out with Rivaldo who was favoured. His behavior and performance markedly improved when Rivaldo retired. It will be interesting to see how he fits in with Bianchi who has earned himself a starting spot after being sidelined in the early part of the season with Darius Vassell as Sven’s preferred striker. Bianchi sees his future with Man City.
I can see Sven’s need to boost his striker corps and score more goals on the road which is Man City’s most pressing need but Nery Castillo represents a big gamble considering his past record of not getting on with his team-mates. Still, Castillo has single handedly changed matches with his deft touch and opportunism.

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