8 comments on “Video: Jose Mourinho auditions for the England job
  1. I’m really not sure why you constantly mention Alex Ferguson when in reference to the England job. He and Mourinho were pretty close anyway. Try to forget you’re an Arsenal fan for two minutes before you post stories.

  2. Andrew
    I am not doing it because I am an Arsenal fan but this slagging on Alex Ferguson has a history. Last year before England’s World Cup departure there was a very tense standoff between Sven Goran and the FA with Ferguson over Rooney’s return to the England squad from injury. Ferguson wanted to be compensated in case Rooney got injured again. Many fans were put off by this attitude and there is a perception, that Ferguson always puts club over country. That is one reason he is so successful but it means that picking a no nonsense England manager who can tell Ferguson to shove it, is very important. Btw, Mourinho and he were never very close. They were always sniping at one another. None of the big four managers are ever going to meet at a pub to drink a few. I can tell you that right now.

  3. SAF is not putting his club before country, he’s putting his club before England like any self-respecting Scot should.

  4. Ok, well I can see what you’re saying about a manager that needs to stand up to him in cases like those, but any manager with a backbone should. Ferguson always wants club before country, and I think so do Benitez and Wenger, and any responsible club manager. I think for smaller clubs it’s a matter of pride to see players called up, but for myself as a United fan, I hate it when injury prone players such as Saha or Evra are called up. Luckily the two of them have a hard time beating out Anelka and Abildal respectively.
    And I know Mourinho and Fergie weren’t close in the traditional sense but compared to Wenger and Fergie, they were pals. They would have wine after the games and talk (which Ferguson does with every manager minus Wenger), and they had tremendous respect for each other. Wenger and Ferguson say publicly that they respect each other, but it’s a combination of respect and disdain.
    Still, even though I usually only comment on when I think you’re being hard on United or Ferguson for no reason (in my mind), I love your articles, so keep em coming.

  5. Jon
    I think Sir Alex is relieved that Mourinho is not considering coming back to the Premiership and will support him any endeavour that takes him away.
    Brian Barwick has asked every club manager to weigh in with their choices. This time around I think the shock of not qualifying for Euro 2008 is causing the FA to go about it in a much more methodical and consensual way.

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