A travesty: Newcastle’s ouster of Allardyce

Allardyce falls a victim to Newcastle’s collective madness
A nice spin: Its called mutual consent nowadays. Both get a gun. One works, the other shoots blanks.
Its sad when someone of the caliber of Sam Allardyce is given so little time to set things right. The Newcastle fans and Mike Ashley delivered their verdict. Think about this. Its an injustice any which way you see it. A team which last won a noteworthy title almost four decades ago wants a complete reversal in their fortunes in just half a season. Did Allardyce get all his players? No. Newcastle also has had its share of crippling injuries with Duff, Owen, Viduka, Barton, Emre, Taylor, Carr, Faye out at various points of time. It was a season in which many factors played a part in Newcastle’s indifferent form. And to think that Allardyce could still have been in Bolton sticking it to clubs like Newcastle.
Yes, that is what Big Sam wanted. To leave a club where he remade a team of castoffs into a perennial thorn in the sides of the big four, led the Trotters to the UEFA cup for the first time, to go to a bigger club with more money to spend, only to be shot between the eyes in less than six months. Compared to this Isiah Thomas lives in a socialist dreamworld where he gets paid handsomely for leading the New York Knicks to the cellar the last two seasons even as fans constantly call for his head.
Newcastle will not win a fig because they have such little faith in their managers. They have averaged a manager a year for the last decade. Bobby Robson was an exception but even he could not get them a title. The fair thing would have been to give Allardyce two seasons to work with. Get him his big ticket players and then see what he could do with them. Of all the firings this season, Allardyce’s was the least deserved.
Nigel Pearson and Mike Ashley could just look on as Man Utd pounded Newcastle into jelly. It makes one wonder if Allardyce had been there the damage might have been restricted to a couple of goals, the Magpies could still have gone home with their heads held high. But we will never know because he was never given a chance to even complete a full season. Such is the pity.

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5 comments on “A travesty: Newcastle’s ouster of Allardyce
  1. big sam’s teams at bolton were
    1. hard to beat
    2. defensively sound
    3. well organised
    4. good tactics
    ok no1 takes time, but the other 3 ?
    if sam was that good a manager he would have been able to mould the current newcastle squad and make them well organised, tactically sound and defend well (considering he bought 5 of the defenders he was playing).
    even in six months ?…..yes
    newcastle were woeful under big sam !
    good riddance.

  2. Completely misses the point like a lot of ‘commentors’ on this story. This was a business decision by Mike. He bought a business and like any aquisition, he wanted HIS team there to run it. Sam wasn’t installed by Ashley. And the point about the Manchester United match, who’s game plan do you think the team were playing? It certainly wouldn’t have been changed two days before the game because Big Sam ‘left’. Lazy article.

  3. I am really tired of fans of others clubs telling me about my club.
    It wasn’t about not giving him time. Your employer expects you to take a while to settle in to your job. You won’t get fired anywhere for not coming up with result immediately.
    What you might get fired for is being an absolute arse and that is what Sam proved to be.
    To use the example of a salesman – you might not be expected to bring in new clients straight away but if you p1ss off all the existing clients then you won’t last long.
    Sam proved straight off he couldn’t spot a player. His media pronouncements (via Nuts Magazine rather than the BBC)suggested that at best he was trying to build a more expensive version of Bolton rather than challenge for a top four place.
    He fell out with Emre who is our most creative footballer. Alan Smith, who we incredibly paid £6m for, has played in six different positions and has been awful in everyone of them. So far he had offered not one goal nor one assist. Passes completed are few and far between.
    Six million was spent on Enrique who hardly got a game – with Sam instead playing out best winger in the left back spot. Other wingers were normally employed on their wrong side (if Smith hadn’t taken their place).
    Owen is overweight and out of sorts and has quite obviously given up. The wonderful Martins has been stripped of all confidence after Fat Sam mucked him around, dropped him and wondered aloud why he didn’t just leave.
    Shola, okay no world beater, but a gangly striker surely is in the Allardyce mould, has dissappeared and doesn’t even make the subs bench.
    Of Allardyce’s other purchases – at the back Rozenhal and Cacapa make Boumsong and Bramble look like world beaters. Faye and Beye are remarkably ok.
    Viduka, a couple of predatory goals aside, has scaled down is already limited work rate. Six million pound man Joey Barton is, as I am sure you know, somewhat preoccupied.
    Oh and Steven Taylor is latterly back in the side – dropped initially because he wasn’t good enough according to Sam – he’s now our best defender – or at least compared to the dross that was bought in to replace him.
    Oh and this appliance of science stuff – well we were told the new man would stop all the injuries our players suffer – they remained just as bad if not worse.
    Duff complained he been told not to east pasta – something apparently revolutionary for athletes because no one else had ever suggested it.
    As for all that ProZone stuff – if he really believed in it so much how come he didn’t spot that Smith hasn’t completed a pass since arriving? How come Smith has made more fouls than succesful tackles but still plays?
    Not one single player has thrived under Sam. Not one.
    But obviously, from your view point (which I am absolutely sure isn’t the terraces at St James’s Park) you know best.
    Remember the fabulous Nolberton Solano? Another player who Sam got rid of. He was replaced with the truly awful Geremi (who Mourinhio recently admitted was finished and ran like a 40-year-old).
    Oh and Sam made the excruciatingly bad Geremi captain – an honor he has since switched to the even worse Alan Smith.
    Enough said.
    But yeah, you’re right all he needed was more time. Right.

  4. Right on. Big Sam should never have been sacked. It’s a combination of misplaced sentimentality for Keegan, and an idiot of an owner that’s caused a media frenzy.
    The only thing this whole situation has made me realize is how stupid many Newcastle fans are. They actually consider themselves a big club (they’re not) and they really think Shearer should be manager (he shouldn’t). I even heard on guy on FSC saying he thought Mourinho would be interested.
    Stupid owner sits with stupid fans, makes stupid decisions. It’s entirely possible that Keegan will do a fantastic job there, he’s done it before. At this point though, I can see Newcastle going another 50 years without a trophy.

  5. How many games was it going to take to find out the likes of Viduka & Owen would not put their head in to the same dangerous positions as Kevin Davies.
    Alan Smith did it once in his best game for Newcastle but Sam moved him back to a defensive role for his next game. The big ego & ambitions that Sam had were sadly not in line with his abilities.
    His mate Fergie (Interfering hypocrite) rants on about how good Sam is but you can put any money you like on that he would not get a Managers job with the Mancs.

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