David and Posh Beckham: Gas guzzling couple

I am going to break Soccerblog’s New Year’s resolution of not mocking David Beckham. Sigh. It took a little over three weeks but it beat out my vow to not call my apartment building super a piece of human excrement by two days. But Becks is a gold mine.
Becks and Posh were judged to be the worst polluters having won that dubious distinction a second time in a row. They have the biggest carbon footprint amongst humans. The couple have 15 gas guzzlers; Becks’ flights in the last year for soccer football matches logged more than 250,000 miles, advertising commitments, and Spice Girl support were more than equivalent to a trip to the moon, Carbon Trust calculated.
“His hectic travel schedule has notched up a staggering 163 tons of CO2, compared with the 9.4 tons of the average Brit.”
And now environmentalists are calling on Becks to give up the gas.
Peter Cranie of England’s Green Party remarked, “A celeb like Becks, who claims the need to travel on such a massive scale, should be making an effort to counteract the damage he is doing.”
Here is Becks carbon footprint:
Just when that LA smog was a thing of the past!

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