Spurs win: Halley’s comet re-visits every 76 years

Once in a blue moon Spurs gets to win over Arsenal. Yesterday, was the day. They won big because the Gunners did not show up to play and the Spurs did. They obviously wanted it more than us.
Anyways, to give a perspective, Newcastle under King Kev administered a drubbing to Man Utd, 5-0 about a decade ago, a result which would appear to be in a different era altogether. The point is that these blowouts do take place but they are aberrations. It does hurt more when it is to a team like Spurs.
Here is Arseblog’s perspective. Always refreshing. Always to the point.
Commentators: Thanks for pointing out it is Halley not Hailey. Spurs fans who take exception to this analogy need only to look at how long it took Spurs to finally beat Arsenal. I think your great attacking talent came together yesterday. Berbs is back to his stellar self.

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8 comments on “Spurs win: Halley’s comet re-visits every 76 years
  1. Amongst all those shocks you forgot to mention Arsenal somehow getting to a Champions League final! It’ll never happen again in our lifetime!

  2. Comment like Hailey’s by smug Arsenal fans merely show their bitterness and lack of knowledge. For adults info it’s actually
    Halley’s comet. Childish comments need more research in the coming half term.

  3. Ha ha ha… are you serious?
    You are damn right in saying that arsenal didnt turn up and thats only because we didnt allow them to!!

  4. Spurs were brilliant, Arsenal were crap, Spurs deserved the win. I’m a gooner and yes, it hurt being thrashed by the Enemy but shit happens — the hoodoo was bound to end some day.
    I have to disagree with the post that this is a once-in-a-bluemoon event, tho. Too many of my fellow gooners underrate Ramos. He is very capable of bringing (at the very least) cup trophies to Spurs. If Ramos stays on for the amount of time he needs and is given the necessary support and stability, we gooners (and the rest of the league) will have to get used to taking Spurs seriously. The man is the real deal.
    Anyway, tho it does hurt, it is after all very good for English football — and football in general. It’s great to have another strong, challenging team that plays positive, attacking football in the PL. Better a strong Spurs with Ramos than Mourinho with his dire football.

  5. Enjoy it while you can Spuds, it was certainly an excellent performance by the entire team. The result to which you are celebrating, however, merely highlights the gulf that exists between the two clubs. I’m glad you won your so-called “Biggest match of the year”, a semi-final against local rivals (and the term rivals is used extremely loosely here).

  6. I don’t think Arseblogs comments were good at all. Calling Spurs cockfisters is not a good way to get people to respect what you say. I can understand getting bitter about it (I certainly do when United lose) but try using a noun that doesn’t make you sound like you are 14.
    Spurs outplayed Arsenal easily. It happens. Every team is allowed a fluke (or two). It does affect the title race a little, because it shows that Arsenal’s defense is definitely their weakest point. Gallas can only do so much and without Toure and Senderos, it can become very bad very fast. Sagna and Clichy are fantastic, but are young and are likely to make mistakes. So far, having a guy like Gallas has more than made up for this, but if he’s off, Arsenal are in trouble. Same thing happened to United last year when both Vidic and Ferdinand got injured within days of each other with Neville already out.
    Don’t forget that Ramos won two UEFA cups. A Carling Cup is a walk in the park comparatively.

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