4 comments on “Arsenal go five up on Man Utd!
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  2. I wonder what it was that killed United this season. United should be clear at the top because every single game they’ve lost is not a game that a top 4 team should lose. Man City (twice) Bolton, West Ham They also are losing a ton of games, whereas the other teams at least force draws. I wonder if it’s the new transfers and the whole team adjusting to them. Are Giggs and Scholes too old? Is it the fact that they haven’t had their captain for over a year? Is it the fact that hardly any midfielders have scored?
    I don’t know, but at this point Chelsea and Arsenal are more likely to win than United. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop points at Newcastle after Arsenal wins at Old Trafford.
    I also wonder how much United care about the league vs the Champion’s League. United’s league form has been iffy, but in the Champion’s Leauge they were the strongest team in the group stage. Even the reserves got a draw against Roma in Italy. I guess we’ll see if their CL form holds up against Lyon.
    I can’t see Arsenal losing at this point. People have said all season, “Wait until the ACN, or wait until they have an injury crisis, or wait until they lose some steam.” All those things have happened, and yet they’re further ahead now than they have been in a long time. Arsenal have proved everyone wrong, and assuming they don’t lose at both Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge, it’s pretty much wrapped up.

  3. Andrew
    There is still a number of matches remaining and Arsenal has some tough ones left on their schedule with Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U coming up. Its nice to have a cushion of five points but a few missteps and it could dry up.
    I think City played superbly(Hamann, Dunne and Richards were super)and Utd would have had a tough time stopping them even if they had played well. In fact, City on the strength of that game could have beaten any club.
    Can’t really say but Utd seems to be having midfield congestion as a number of players – Carrick, Hargreaves, Nani, Fletcher, Scholes, Giggs, Anderson, Park Ji Sung, Fletcher, have been used. Sometimes its a bit muddled in the midfield. Unlike Arsenal where it is clearly Cesc and Flamini.
    Anyways, that upcoming FA fixture should be a great one.

  4. Top Gooner
    I inadvertently deleted your message. Apologies. But I totally agree with your point about how the pundits and the other three big clubs were writing off Arsenal’s chances before the season began. We were going to be pushed out from a CL spot by Spurs.

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