Arsenal: Kardboard Kutouts come out to play against Man U

Wenger defends his use of cardboard cutouts to play Man U in the FA Cup fifth round. Arsenal lost 0-4.
“Its the economy, stupid. ”
“Newcastle looks good except for the scoreline.”
“They can’t do sliding tackles but otherwise they are alright.”
“Cardboard cutouts are a natural progression from underage players.”
“Not all of them are cut out for the big matches but you would never know until you try them.”
“Rio called me up and said he had wood.”
“The cardboard cutout who was in Dances with Wolves, he was nominated for the Oscar.”
“I was preparing them for the 39th game.”
“Yeah, it would be easier knocking down a strawman.”
“I am the decider.”
Anyways, all this does not take away from a superior Man U display. But Arsenal were abject and deserving of all scorn.

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2 comments on “Arsenal: Kardboard Kutouts come out to play against Man U
  1. Scorn?
    Isn’t that a pretty vicious word for one football game?
    Arsenal got caught having to use back-up fullbacks and the over-the-hill Gilberto because of injuries, so this result was hardly a surprise.
    Guys like Justin Hoyte and Armand Traore — who is just a kid — were overmatched by United’s wingers but they didn’t lack effort. Only ability.
    I fail to see how that makes these young people worthy of scorn?
    If you want to pour out a bit of scorn, save some for Nani and his teasing, showboating and all the rest of it. That stuff will come back to haunt him, just as Eboue’s antics have done to him at Arsenal.
    I’m an American who’s lived in Britain and long been in love with the world’s game. But one thing I cannot understand is the vitriol and anger directed at losing teams in any given week.
    Given the players’ wages, you expect effort and commitment — yes, definitely. But if they try their best, why is everyone so quick to slag their character?
    Sometimes you just get beat. The other guy plays better.
    Arsenal was picked fifth or sixth prior to the Prem season, now leads the league by five points in mid-February and off one horrible day using several reserves at Old Trafford, you say…
    Way, way over the top.

  2. Steve
    I applaud your commitment to Arsenal. But matches against Man U and other big clubs are life and death. You are supposed to come out and play your best and most matches are excruciatingly close affairs. You never surrender.
    Do you remember the Carling Cup final against Chelsea last year played by a very youthful and passionate Arsenal side? They almost won it before Drogba broke their hearts.
    This Arsenal side did not show up. I would have complimented their effort even if they had lost. They never really tried.

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