Glenn Hoddle discovers his third or fourth calling

Give me your Hoddled masses.
Glenn Hoddle, midfield general, phlegmatic former England manager, born again Christian; talks to Simon Kuper about creating a youth academy for teenage players, club rejects, who desire a second chance.
Seems like a 180 turn from his insensitive comments on disabled people for which he was sacked as England manager.

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2 comments on “Glenn Hoddle discovers his third or fourth calling
  1. hey my name is elisha from israel me & my friend have a question…. what is the yearly budget of derby county fc? thnk u!!!!!

  2. Not sure of the exact figure, Elisha and Alonzo.
    The club has recently been taken over by American owners, GSE who have promised £12 million. in player wages.
    Derby County will also benefit from more money from the Premiership parachute money once they are relegated. So the total figure is not yet been fixed. But I would say it would be close to £20 million for wages and transfers.

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